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bd-26-A2_20131125_スルマ橋で子どもたちと交流1_ResizeDisaster risk management know-how that has protected lives in local communities
now creating safety and security in wider  fields

Global operations

For people in need of our technologies

Shinano River that runs through the city of Nagaoka in Niigata Prefecture, which is the hometown of eTRUST, has  flooded on many occasions. With our intention to protect the lives of people living in the river basin, and with the government working together with the private sector, eTRUST created a system to monitor the water levels of the river from a remote location. Currently, we are working on delivering solutions like this to people suffering from  flood damage in all parts of the world. Incorporating IT and IoT* technologies, disaster risk management systems unique to eTRUST have evolved into smaller and lower cost ones, while also improving performance. That is why it has become possible to introduce our systems to emerging countries such as Bangladesh, the Philippines, Myanmar and Brazil. Of course, from securing power sources to installation work, our employees with mature skills visit sites to provide one-stop services. We offer safety to many local residents, thereby creating lots of smiles.

* Abbreviation of Internet of Things. Refers to technology that connects not only computers and other IT equipment but also various other “Things” to the Internet.

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